Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why register with CA Food Safety Exams for my Food Manager Certification?

A. We offer the best food manager classes! Our class prepares you for the exam. Our class sizes are small to ensure a better learning environment. Our instructors make our classes informative, interesting and enjoyable.  


Q. Who needs to be Food Manager certified?
A. At least 1 person in each food establishment in the State of California. Studies show having more than 1 person certified helps to reduce the risk of a foodborne 

Q. How do I become Food Manager Certified?
A. Pass an approved and accredited food safety exam such as our ServeSafe Food Manager course & exam


Q. What is the difference between a ServSafe or an NRFSP class?
A. Both classes are accredited food safety exams


Q. What if I don't pass?
A. If you do not pass you are welcome to retake the exam at a reduced rate. We do not require that you retake the entire class again for this rate to apply, however, you are welcome to if you would like (applies to instructor lead classes only). Retake exam must be taken within three months of the original test date. Retake applies only to the person who did not pass no substitutions. 


Q. My ServSafe certificate is going to expire, how do I get re-certified?
A. You can quickly get re-certified for ServSafe by taking our online ServSafe exam. We offer an online private proctored exam or on-site proctored exam.


Q. How long is my Food Manager certification good for?
A. It is good for 5 years in the state of California


Q. What about lunch breaks? 

A. Most of our class locations are at restaurants where you are welcome to purchase lunch at the location.  

Q. What materials do I need to bring to class?
A. You must bring a government issued photo Id. For example, a California Drivers License, California ID card, a passport, resident card, etc.


Q. How will I receive my certificate?
A. Two weeks after you take your exam, you will receive an email with a printable certificate if you received a passing grade of 75% or higher. If you would like a hard copy, you can request one for a $10.00 fee through the ServSafe website.   


Q. I own more than one restaurant, is my certificate good for all of them? 
A. No- that is illegal.  Each facility must have a certified employee specific to that facility. 


Q. Do you offer private classes?
A. Yes, private classes are available for groups of 5 or more and can be taught on or off-site.


Q. Are corporate discount's available?
A. Yes, we do offer corporate discounts please email:


Q. What if I register and I miss my class?
A. You will be able to reschedule for another class for a $25 reschedule. Keep your proof of payment from the original class. To reschedule, please email:


Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. No, we do not offer refunds. However, you can reschedule your class for another date for a $25 reschedule fee. If you reschedule 2 or more weeks ahead, the fee will be waived.