Food Manager Online Course & Exam Bundle

CA Food Safety Exams & Pluck! Bundle

This package includes the Pluck! Food Manager Express Course plus a CA Food Safety Exams Proctored Exam to give you the ultimate learning experience. 


Once you purchase the bundle, you will receive a personal coupon code. Please apply the coupon code when purchasing the course at to remove all charges.


Once you complete the online course, you can then schedule your proctored exam by emailing with your certificate of completion attached. 


Course Details:


Exam Details:

  • Must be taken with a CA Food Safety Exams representative
  • A government issued, photographic ID is required
  • Exam time depends on scheduled request
  • Exam is offered in English, Spanish and Chinese 
  • Exam scores are immediate
  • A passing grade is 75% or higher
  • You do not need a PayPal account to purchase exam
  • Exam must be purchased 48 hours before exam date


**Because CA Food Safety Exams orders your exam booklet once you purchase the exam, there are NO refunds.


ServSafe is an ANSI Certified Accredited Exam

Food Manager Online Course & Exam Bundle

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