Food Manager Online Course & Exam Bundle

CA Food Safety Exams & Pluck! Bundle

This package includes the Pluck! Food Manager Express Course in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, plus a CA Food Safety Exams Proctored Exam to give you the ultimate learning experience. Once purchased, please check your email to access the course. 


Course Details:

  • Pluck!'s Food Manager Course is an 8-module course ending with a practice exam. These educational modules offer audio slides, helpful hints, and module reviews along the way. Click here for additional course information.
  • After you complete the course and practice exam, please email with your certificate of completion. We will work with you to schedule your ServSafe Food Manager Certification exam. 


Exam Details:

  • Must be taken with a CA Food Safety Exams representative
  • A government-issued, photographic ID is required
  • Exam time depends on scheduled request
  • Exam is offered in English, Spanish and Chinese 
  • Exam scores are immediate
  • A passing grade is 75% or higher
  • Exam must be purchased 48 hours before exam date


**Because CA Food Safety Exams orders your exam booklet in advance, there are NO refunds.


ServSafe is an ANSI Certified Accredited Exam

Food Manager Online Course & Exam Bundle

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