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Food Handler Certification

Whether in person or through our affiliated website, you have the option to obtain your nationally accredited Food Handler Card from the National Restaurant Association entirely online. This certification equips you with the necessary knowledge to properly prepare and serve food, incorporating food safety procedures to prevent foodborne illnesses. Your Food Handler Card remains valid for three years.

Food Preparation

Online Food Handler Course

$9.95 Per Person

Accessible around the clock, our course is available in both English and Spanish. The assessment comprises 50 multiple-choice questions, and your results are instantly available. Upon successful completion, you will receive a printable certificate for your records.

Preparing Burrito

On-Site Food Handler Course

$24.95 Per Person

Our on-site classes are exclusively available for private groups. Assessments are conducted in multiple languages and consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, requiring a passing grade of 75% or higher. Results, along with a printable certificate, will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after the exam.

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