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Food Manager Certification

Starting a new business or requiring ServSafe Food Manager Certification for your organization? Our Food Manager certification courses are tailored for you. Acquiring the ServSafe Food Manager Certification equips you with the knowledge to prevent foodborne illnesses and enables you to impart proper training to your employees. This certification also ensures readiness for your next Health Inspection. ServSafe is nationally accepted, ANSI-accredited, and valid for 5 years. Join our courses to meet your certification needs and uphold food safety standards.

Preparing Eggplant

Food Manager Class and Exam

$145 Per Person

Our class sizes are intentionally kept under 20 people, fostering an enriched and personalized learning atmosphere. Typically, both the class and exam are conducted on the same day unless specified otherwise. Your purchase includes a complimentary downloadable study guide, a quick study set, and a practice quiz. Exams are available in multiple languages, presented in a multiple-choice format for your convenience.

Sushi Chef

Food Manager Exam Only

$95 Per Person

Exams are available in various languages and consist of a multiple-choice format comprising 90 questions. Results, along with a printable certificate, will be emailed approximately 10 business days after the exam. Your purchase comes with a complimentary downloadable study guide, a quick study set, and a practice quiz to support your preparation.

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